Wednesday, January 20, 2010


With another 12 hours worth of perspective behind me, the Democratic meltdown in Massachusetts looks like the Democrat failure in health care reform all over again: a massive failure of willingness on the part of elected Democrats to stand by progressive values.

The Dems had a chance to come roaring out of the gate in 2009 and make serious headway on Progressive issues. They should have scaled back the wars, enacted some regulatory oversight on the banking and insurance industry. repealed DADT and DOMA, and created meaningful health care reform legislation. That's what they promised to do, and that's exactly what we elected them to do. We gave them a Democratic president, a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the largest House majority in 20 years, and a mandate for change. We were very clear and cohesive for the first time in decades. We said "Get in there and take back our moral standing in the world and repair the damage done by the Bush Administration."

And instead, they wasted the entire year and all that momentum shuckin' and jivin' to the Republican tune, begging and whining for bipartisanship until their fillibuster-proof majority was gone.

All that compromise has accomplished exactly nothing except that they managed to give away Ted Kennedy's seat to a Republican who vows to oppose health care reform. Ted Kennedy, who spent the last 40 years promoting meaningful health care reform. That Ted Kennedy.

So today while the Dems are all wringing their hands about the Massachusetts Senate seat and blaming each other, and the media is crowing about the voter's rejection of liberal values, I'm wondering why the Dems never did figure out what we wanted from them. Could we have made it any clearer?

Health care reform is essentially gone from the health care bill. It's lost any chance to control the insurance companies with competition from a public option, but does give them millions more customers by mandating coverage. We're still studying DADT, in spite of the zillions of reports and top military officials urging Obama to dump it. We're spending more money on the unwinnable war in Afghanistan. Oh...and Obama has declared his opposition to marriage rights for gay couples and his Justice Department is still filing legal briefs in support of marriage inequality in the courts.


Dems, voters are still looking for change. You've pissed away your mandate, but now at least you've got someone to blame for your complete absence of political will. Remember this moment. This is the day you lost both the White House and the Congress again for the next decade. Welcome back to the wilderness. It should look very familiar.


Anonymous said...

Amen, amen, amen. Nothing else left to say...except too bad for those of us who aren't among the fat cats.


Ev said...

Jessie, we're at the point where we're ready to blow the Cairo gate and drop a wall to seperate us from the rest of the country. You're welcome here in Gaylandia when the fucktard apocolypse begins.

Sam Holloway said...

Damn, Ev. You are so right. The sad thing is these apocalypse-lovers seem to be getting exactly what they want.

I live in Chicago (which is a lot more conservative than some folks might think, in spite of the Democratic machine reputation). I work in a taxpayer-funded, unionized government job, and far too many of my (white) coworkers like to walk around bitching about socialism and liberals. A lot of them own guns, too. We're supposed to be the ones helping to maintain order, and it seems like these yahoos are getting little chubbies hoping that everything falls apart. WTF?! Do they fear and despise black, brown, and gay people so much that they'd rather live in the effing "Parable of the Talents" than share the bounty?

I hope you have some extra room in Gaylandia. I'll bring some guns and ammo, 'cause we're gonna need it.

Anonymous said...

And y'all down in Cairo have the added draw of being the warmest place in Illinois these days --- what's not to love?


Ev said...

Sam, thanks for dropping by! I spent some of my childhood in the south 'burbs of Chicago, where the crazy racist assholes make our Southern Illinois crazy racist assholes like freshmen at the Asshole Academy.

I don't have a problem with gun owners being left alone to own guns, why do they get so whipped up about us being left alone to get married? Maybe if we could swap them one for one: for every gay marriage, we promise to purchase one gun. If someone can get a safe, legal abortion, I promise to point that gun at a person of color. It could be a win/win!

Who said the barter system was outdated?