Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Before the Seed There Comes the Thought of Bloom.

It's the last week of January. It's been cold and rainy for maybe two months. The dogs need exercise, I need exercise. Even eating Heath Bars and drinking beer are beginning to lose their allure.

But then...?

Treasury of Gardening arrived from It's a bible-sized hardcover tome with suggestions and instructions for planting and landscaping, and orgasm-producing photos of lawns and gardens and flowers and shrubs and annuals and perennials.

So now I'm getting my Springtime yard fantasy in order. Only two more months until Spring officially arrives.


Anonymous said...

Those are some big plans for your garden LOL. Ten years ago I got my daughter working on mine. she spent three weeks, about a thousand dollars at the Garden Factory, and since then I have only done maintenance and annuals. If I had hired someone it would have cost 20 x as much. One word: PERRENIALS

Ev said...

There are a couple of gay guys in town here who look like they're growing the Tucson Botanical Gardens in their yard. Yo KNOW that a yard like that has to be someone's full time job. We have a thrid of an acre lot with grass. It's a clean palette. I figure I've got 30 more years to outcompete the gay guys.

It'll take bold vision and earth moving equipment.