Thursday, January 28, 2010

Danger is my Middle Name

Who just ran out of gas in the gas station parking lot??

Thank the Prime Mover for manual transmission. At least when a person runs out of gas 20 feet from the pump that person can coast in. Not that I know a person dumb enough to do that. But I've read about it. In books. Books about stupid people. Of which I'm not one.

I'm just sayin'.


Cedar said...

Seriously, how many times in one year do you run out of gas? You know that E on the gizmo means EMPTY not EV GO FOT IT. Because than it would be an E it would like EGFI...there is not enough room on the gizmo for that.

Ev said...

I probably run out of gas 6 or 8 times a year, but I have several compelling reasons for that.
1. I drive 40,000 miles a year.
2. I drive home in the middle of the night when all the gas stations are closed. There's one in Carbondale, then another one 25 miles down the road in Dongola, then nothing at all for the last 25 miles.
3. Gas in Illinois is $2.84/gallon. Gas across the bridge in Kentucky is $2.55/gallon. That means if I drive 4 miles out of my way, I can save $6 on a fill up. I was in the last 20 feet of my 4 miles when I ran out.

See? It totally makes sense when I explain it. :-)

Cedar said...

Why yes, yes it does...and since it does make sense to should really look into that.