Thursday, May 14, 2009


We've had some weather.

Perhaps you've read about it? Friday's thunderstorms turned into an inland hurricane, whateverthehellthatis, and life was temporarily disrupted in Southern Illinois while all of our trees fell over. Now a week later the power is mostly back on and people are sorting out the mess. And we've got a shit-ton of firewood available to us. Black cloud/Silver lining. It's all good.

"Sorry about y'all's tragedy and all, but can we have that tree in your living room? Thanks."

Work's been interesting...running a hospital on generator power means that air conditioning and potable water become a luxury. As God is my witness, I'll never eat another cold-cut sandwich again. But the cookie bars were pretty good...

We read a blog post from a guy near here who wishes more than anything that our little faux-hurricane were Hurricane Katrina and we were being abandoned by the Feds in our hour of adversity...and probably that he were Anderson Cooper. But it wasn't, we weren't, and he isn't. Oh's full of disappointments, guy. Maybe a novel about surviving the Inland Hurricane of Ought Nine will make you feel like your pain has been heard.

Otherwise? It's spring, our Ducks Deluxe package is in the mail, Katie's raking in the scholarship money, and I've got my semi-monthly case of poison ivy (Maybe this time I won't be allergic! Whoops! Not this time either!).

If we can get our camera woe squared away I'll add some pictures, but for now picture the bucolic Heartland with all the trees tipped over and guys in hardhats with their hands on their hips staring up at the places where the trees used to be. Now add a monkey.*

*This is our imaginary landscape. It can have a monkey if I want.


SP said...

Welcome Spring!

And you should totally have a monkey!

Kwach said...

I actually did see some monkeys in a cage for sale on the sidewalk here in little Nowhere one day. I didn't stop to look at them because I value having a roof over my head and did not wish to be turned out into the street with my monkey.