Saturday, December 27, 2008

Honey, I'm Home.

We picked up Cooper yesterday. Actually, we'd need a crane to pick up Cooper, but we fetched her home yesterday. We were expecting someone a little shy and nervous about strangers, but what we got was a big affectionate moose who jumped in our car and plopped herself in the back seat before we even got to introduce ourselves.

She's big. Eighty pounds and still filling out, and her head can almost rest on the countertops, which makes feeding the cats interesting. The "bed" we bought her now looks more like a throw pillow, but somehow she manages to curl up like a corkscrew and fit herself on it.

She's met all the cats and only got her nose scratched once (but that may be because only one of them has claws). She likes them ... they aren't sure about her yet, but at least they don't loathe her, which is more than I can say for some dogs. She's completely non-threatening, even though she's the size of small pony. Sage is still a bit reticent, and Cooper looks a little too interested in the ducks for comfort, but she understands the notion of "sit" and "stay" and "no!" so we'll see how that goes.

I bought her some edible Nylabone chewies thinking that she could gnaw on them for awhile, but they only lasted about 30 seconds. Perhaps something in the cow leg department might last longer?


Pat said...

OW! Cow leg department???
She sounds like a big goofy.

marl said...

she's a beauty!

don't you just love big dogs?

Kwach said...

Marl, I didn't know I was a big dog fan, but yes ... I do love this one. It's very windy today ... like scary windy ... and neither Cooper nor I like it. She's been moving around the house staring out the doors and windows looking worried, and we've been playing a lot of indoor fetch to take our minds off the howling in the chimney.

Why is weather always scarier when you're the only human present? I keep thinking, "How in the hell will I get five cats and two dogs down the hill and into Carrie's closet when the tornado alarm goes off?" The ducks are on their own.

I want my Ev.

Ev said...

SP, I'm becoming a fan of pet rescue organizations. Almost everyone we know who has adopted through a rescue group has been pleased. And it feels good, too. :-)

marl said...

Kwach - when we lost both of our labs this year, we both said 'smaller dog = better'. as you know, we've once again been blessed with a family of 2 labs, neither of which can be called small. there's just something about a dog that can put it's head on our laps for an ear scritch, or one we can find before we trip over it in the dark.

you sure won't be sorry - cooper's got "the look" - happy, sweet, and loving.

Cedar said...

That is a big dog! I like a big dog, except when they confuse themselves with a lap dog.

I have seen those huge bones at the pet stores, I am not sure how one of those would look lying around the house. Or a couple of them. Could look like a bad B movie scene.

She looks right at home, it was meant to be.

Anonymous said...

Aw - what a great Christmas present for all the human and non-human creatures involved. You guys never do things by halves, do you?

Kwach said...

With our luck, if we'd only gotten half a dog you KNOW which half it would have been. A whole dog is much better!

Cedar said...

Outside a book dog is woman's best friend, inside a dog, it's to hard to read.

Kwach said...

lol, Cedar ... I used to have a t-shirt with that sentiment on it.

: )