Sunday, June 08, 2008

P.T. Barnum was a Big Fat Liar

There is not a sucker born every minute. There were, apparently, not that many suckers born between 1960 and the mid 1980's. Our friends and family are not suckers.

They discussed the geometry involved in the roof project, then watched us cut one roof panel, then indicated they were getting hungry. Wimps. It was only, like 2:30 in the afternoon.

We fired up the grill, ate the brats and German potato salad, drank the beer, had some chocolate cake for dessert ... and then discovered that we were all too full to go out in that ungodly heat and no longer committed to building projects. Even the ducks were too hot today. They hung out under the deck staying out of the sun.

It's becoming clear that this Ev and Kwach project is going to remain an Ev and Kwach project. We'll revisit the duck dome project on our next day off together. Hey, more glory for us!

We did have a rolicking good time, though. Many stories were told, much belly-laughter was had and the food was damned good. Sundays are best enjoyed as days of rest and relaxation.

: )


Jazz said...

So much for suckers. Free bratwurst and beer and no work done. I'm thinking you might be the sucking in this one.

Jazz said...

oops, that should have said sucker of course. You might be the sucker... yeah. That's it.

XUP said...

I can't even imagine why you'd start a work-under-the-blistering-sun project when you had beer & brats options

Marl said...

i love building shit. if i lived nearby, i'd soooo be there, tool box in hand.

Cedar said...

Ev get with Marl on my Yurt, see comment on previous post. I will buy beer.