Saturday, June 21, 2008


On our quest for "cheap and local" we stumbled across ... pretty!

Last week I was telling my friend, Pamela, how gorgeous the wildflowers have been on my way home from work, and bemoaning the fact that all my vases are packed away somewhere in the shed. On Wednesday we were working in Benton, and we had a few minutes to kill after lunch, so we went browsing in one of the antique stores -- and she bought me this pretty combination antique pitcher and wildflower vase for my birthday! Thank you, Pamela!

Ev and I went "to town" today to buy some straw for the ducks and a taller ladder to finish the Duck Dome, and on the way home we stopped along her mom's road and picked Queen Anne's Lace, thistles, Black-Eyed-Susans, Tiger Lilies and some tiny daisy-ish flowers and purple flowering vines we didn't recognize but liked a lot. Pretty, huh!?
Even Slipper-Dipper seems to approve of them -- or he's just concerned that we've done something new to his mantle. With Slipper it's hard to tell the difference between approval and concern.
I also managed to catch the ducks in the sunlight today and get a couple of shots of their pretty iridescent feathers. As you can see, Omelette has a lot of fluffy chest feathers now, and I could finally capture an image of the blue-green feathers behind her wings. All of the Rouens have the iridescent stripe on their wings, but it's a little different on all of them. Some have broader stripes of black and one of them has an almost purple stripe.


Iwanttocomeback asmycat said...

I love wild flowers too! That was so sweet of your friend to do that.
I cannot believe how big the ducks have gotten! They seem so happy nd healthy. Did you ever get the dome thingie doey done? Or is it one of those things that turn out to be so much more difficult to achieve than imagined...

Kwach said...

The duck dome is almost finished. It still needs a roof and a door. Ev and I only have every other weekend off together and our days off during the week haven't been coinciding lately. The job isn't that hard to do, physically, it's the mental part that's challenging. None of the angles are intuitive, so we have to measure and re-measure and try to figure out what the bad instructions mean. Once we figure a step out, it's just a matter of repeating it nine more times ... lol.

We promised ourselves to tackle the roof today. Pictures will (of course) follow.