Monday, June 16, 2008

Of Birthdays and Pig Milk

It's Lori's birthday and we'll be working opposite shifts so, romantic fool that I am, I'll probably send her a festive birthday e-mail filled with protestations of my undying love, and maybe a shopping list for Wal-Mart for on her way home. Hey, romantic fools need rice and kitty litter too, you know!

But really, just because I fall a little short on the holiday celebrations (okay, a LOT short) I still take these holidays to reflect on how lucky I am to have lured her into my life with the promise of rural splendor on par with Green Acres. But not, unfortunately, as lascivious as Petticoat Junction And by the way, who thinks it's a little bit gross to have those girls swimming nude in the town's drinking water?

"Honest, Ma...I caught the syphilis from those Bradley girls swimming nekkid in the water tank!"

Why wasn't Hooterville scandalized over that?

Anyway...about Lori's birthday...I love you, Sweetie. Congratulations on surviving another year in Hooterville. Next year, after we start the pig dairy, we'll be having ice-cold glasses of pig milk with our birthday cake!

Mmmmm...Pig milk! The other white milk!


Kwach said...

Aww honey, you shouldn't have! No, really ...

: )


Jazz said...

Happy Birthday Kwach!!!

XUP said...

Why wasn't Hooterville just scandalized over its own name, even? Happy Birthday Kwatch

Cedar said...

It was not the town's drinking water it was the water tank for the steam engine train. Remember the Hooterville train? People in rural areas in those days did not have city water. They have wells.

Of course those chicks could swim in my well anytime.