Sunday, March 29, 2009

Under Every Pile of Crap There Might Be a Pony

Black Clouds:

1. My camera is dead. I hear that it may be recovering with a friend in Alabama, or it may need to be replaced, but one way or t'other, we're out of the picture taking biz temporarily, and we have things we should be taking pictures of.

2. Carrie left us a crap-ass mess to clean up in the house she was renting.

3. I inherited a boatload of pictures when my mother died that I've been carting around with me like an unexamined albatross.

4. Sage has the cancer.

Silver Lining:

Sage's cancer has had me thinking I should go through those photo boxes and find her puppy pictures, so yesterday I dragged them all out and we started going through them. I found many excellent ones of Sage, along with a ton of pictures of my son and other cool stuff, and in the very last box I discovered a treasure trove of photos of my childhood in my mom's stuff that I had no idea even existed.

One of the things Carrie abandoned in her rental house was a printer/copier/scanner.

We hooked it up and it works like a charm, so we've been scanning our brains out and will soon have photos again ... the cool old kind!

Also, my co-worker is remodeling her house after a flood and we scored a great piece of furniture she didn't want after she ordered it. Wooohooo, more bookshelves!

We love serendipity.


Anonymous said...

Did I miss the part about why you have to clean up Carrie’s mess? Then again, scoring a printer/copier/scanner out of the deal IS pretty sweet.

Kwach said...

Because twenty-somethings aren't great housekeepers and we shared a piece of property and a landlord. We'd like to continue to have a good relationship him. It's one of those rural "we live in a small town, and we see these people at the grocery store" things. Carrie has a more urban, "screw the deposit ... let the landlord deal with it ... I never have to see him again" attitude.