Friday, March 06, 2009

No Puppy Pictures Today Either.

I haven't posted a blog post in a month. There are a couple of good reasons for that:

1. I don't have much to say.
2. I recently became aware of the fact that actual people read this blog. Not just our usual friends, family and stalkers, I'm talking about real people who could be doing real things but instead choose to piss away their waking hours here.

Obviously that's more of a commitment than I signed on for.

But here at 3 a.m. on the night before my only day off this week, on a day in which I'll be sending my oldest child out into the world (again!), I felt a need to say...something.

"Something" would include worrying. I worry about the kids, and I worry that I'll never get enough emotional distance to stop worrying about them. I worry about the lump in Lori's arm and her bad back. I worry about the crappy economy, the unfair economic hand the middle class has been dealt, the sorry state of my 401k, and the impact on the kids (who I've vowed to worry about less). I worry that we'll work until one or the other of us drops dead, and all that working and worrying will be for naught.

Mostly, I worry that there are too many balls in the air for us normal folks to juggle, and that the only safety net we have is ourselves.

I don't have a nice picture of the puppy to post but Lori's planning to buy a new camera this weekend to replace the one that crapped out. But it doesn't matter anyway...I'm not in a puppy-picture mood. I'm in a circle-the-wagons, move-to-the-country-and-grow-your-own-vegetables-and-live-like-the-Unabomber mood.

When the sun comes out and the world looks brighter I plan to feel better. But for now...I worry. I hope your winter is smoother.


maynechik said...

as omar little would say, i feel you. we're in hunkering mode, too, these days. the kids will continue to thrive--they're amazing, thanks to their mom. where's C off to?

Ev said...

She's moving to Chicago tomorrow, before the wedding. Rob is driving her and her stuff up from here, dropping her stuff off on the North Side, then zipping back to the south 'burbs for the wedding.

I hope there's an open bar at the reception. They'll need it.

innkeeper said...

Just in case you're wondering, you'll never stop worrying about your children. So you should get used to it, and they should appreciate it--it's a sign that you love them. If you stop worrying about them, THEY should be worried.

PLEEEEEEASE post some puppy pictures. With all this crap that's happening (yep, we're ALL worried about that stuff), I figure the true signs of hope are babies and puppies.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Who is getting married?!? C? Rob? WHO!!! Robin

Kwach said...

Robin ... someone in Rob's family got married. One of the kids' cousins, I think.

Carrie's moving to Chicago to live in sin with her new man friend.

Rob is doing the transporting of stuff.

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