Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Sprang Sprung

Spring dropped by to taunt us like a neighbor running up on the porch to show off her winning lottery ticket and then running away to cash it in. But in the brief couple of days it was here, teasing us with its sunshine and 70 degree temperatures, the grass turned green, the daffodils sprang up in bunches alongside the road and many trees began sporting their bright pink Spring coats. Can Easter eggs be far behind?

Today they're forecasting a light snow in the afternoon and a high of 34.

We spent our day off yesterday being frivolous and carefree and staying away from the house and out in the world for eight whole hours of grownup, kid-free girlfriend time.

I will spend today stoking the fire in the fireplace and shampooing the lakes of dog vomit out of the carpet. That's the price that must be paid for spending eight hours away from home and leaving the dogs with a softhearted teenager who thinks it's a little bit mean to crate them and was sure we'd be right back because we never go anywhere.

(We sometimes wonder exactly what Cooper gets into and eats when no one's looking that makes her barf so prodigiously, but we're pretty sure we don't really want to know. Last week I had to pry a credit card out of her mouth before she swallowed it.)

The next time Spring arrives on our doorstep we're going to club it over the head and tie it up in the yard so it can't get away again.


Anonymous said...

Daffodils???? We still have 2 feet of snow everywhere. And ice. I haven't seen green or even mud in over 4 months. I don't even have a good lottery winner analogy for how frustrated we are...okay, maybe I do. It's like being forced to have anal sex for 4 entire months and the bastard on top of you occasionally makes noises like he's going to climax, but he never does.

Angie said...

Looks like there are a few more days of it around to stay....but it's not fooling me. We have at least one more ass-kicking snowstorm in our future:)

Kwach said...

XUP ... um ... nice analogy.