Monday, August 04, 2008

How Long Until September?

Okay. It's August. It's hot. It's humid. I think I've had enough for this year.

We enjoyed out semi-weekly family potluck yesterday, even if it was bisected for a while by Carrie getting called in to work for an hour. And we're approaching the Illinois State Fair season, and that'll be fun. But I'm generally tired of toiling in the heat. I'm a lesbian, ferchristsake! I should be wearing flannel!

We're going to wait until it cools down some and then begin the monumental task of cleaning up my mom's yard. She's got about 7 acres, three of which used to be cleared as yard but are now so overgrown that "lawn care" is a laughable term. I think the first step will be to firebomb it, then start from the dirt up.

But it'll take about a 20 or 30 degree drop in temperature for me to even consider wading in there in boots, flannel shirt, and gloves. I'm ambitious, but after my last chigger infestation I'm a little wiser.

Really, I'm just thinking out loud, I suppose. Lori and I had a fun weekend with just enough family time and just enough grown-up girlfriend time. But I feel like I'm ready to start on another project soon, and I wish it could be the Yard of Doom project. I keep telling myself that by December I'll be bitching about the cold. Oh well...welcome to the Midwest.


Cedar said...

Seattle - 71 degrees, Sunny. You remember the PNW don't you?

Ev said...

LOL...No. I've been hit on the head. And who are you, anyway? :-)

Jazz said...


I'd sell my soul for hot right now. We have humid with all the rain.

If I wanted to live in rain and clouds I'd move to Vancouver, then at least I wouldn't have to deal with winter.

Ev said...

Maybe we could make a deal for possession of your soul, then. We have enough hot to share.