Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Bedtime in 5...4...3...

Got a hit on the blog yesterday for the first time in months. Honestly, I forgot this thing existed, but now that I remember, I've GOT SOME THINGS I WANT TO GET OFF MY CHEST.

But not today. I already took my crazy pills and my sleeping pills, and in about 10 minutes it's going to come crashing down like a sledgehammer on my tiny little Asian head. So if I've got anything profound to say, I'd better think fast...

...Okay. We saw the Bears get humiliated by the Rams in St. Louis this weekend. $9 is too much to pay for beer. They ought to offer a blowout discount, whereby if the point spread if greater than two touchdowns, the beer drops to half price. That's what I'd do if I owned an NFL team. I'd name it after something Cairo is famous for and sell the beer half price when we got our asses kicked.

Go Cairo Funyuns-and-Little-Plastic-Gin-Bottles! 50 cent Steel Reserves for the next hour and a half!

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