Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

The problem with Ev is her over-developed Midwestern work ethic, which grievously prevents her from being able to make the acquaintane of, much less deeply embrace, her inner Lazy Slug.

So far today she's hung a gutter and downspout, climbed around on an extension ladder inspecting the porch roof and planning how we're going to cover it with the rolled roofing we bought yesterday, filled the subsidence holes under the driveway with Quickcrete, watered the yard and is now preparing to cut down at least two eight-foot-tall arbor vitae in the ungodly heat and humidity.

I, having fully embraced my own Inner Slug, believe that there's absolutely no reason to anything today other than lay around with a cold drink and fan myself until it's time to cook burgers on the grill. But, because I was raised by a woman far more like Ev than like me, my finely honed guilty conscience is going to force me to go out there and offer to help.

Have I mentioned that I'm not a hot weather, manual labor outside person?


Ev said...

Done. Then I followed up with deadheading some of the plants and tacking down the tar paper on the porch that really needs to be re-shingled. Actually, it NEEDS to be torn down to the rafters, then re-decked and shingled but I'm too ladderphobic to take that on.

Kwach said...

I made cold asparagus salad with balsamic vinagrette. Proof yet again that I'm the inside dyke.