Sunday, October 29, 2006

This is Dixie.

He's a foundling from the parking lot of the Dixie BBQ. Yesterday Robin and I went out to pick up supper and we saw him, skinny and pathetic with crusty eyes, begging for pork from the customers.

Robin, who knows me, said "Don't you dare. Don't you dare pick up that cat."

I didn' least at that moment. We picked up the food and took it home, sat around talking for a few hours, and then Robin and Barry left. And I kept fretting about the kitten. Finally, I decided to drive by there and see if it was still there. Kwachie and I drove to Jonesboro and there he was, in the cold dark parking lot, sleeping under a truck. I made the cat calling noises and he ran right over.

So now we're a four cat family. Tomorrow I'll take him to the vet and get him checked out and cleaned up, and see if he's old enough to neuter.

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