Friday, October 20, 2006

My goal is to be a hermit before I die.

I figure hermitude is my birthright. My mom lives in a little trailer in the woods. She owns a telephone, but only plugs it in when she needs to make a call, usually once every few weeks. My brother lives in a cabin in another woods a few thousand miles away, and the only person he has regular contact with is his wife (I suppose it would be hard to avoid her).

I work with humans every day, and they're a particularly fine bunch of humans. But sometime in my life I want to spend an extended period of time not interacting with any humans except Kwachie. Think of it as a cloistered, monastic life. A life of contemplation and woodworking.

I want to be the crazy old lesbian living in the woods. The one parents warn their children about. The one periodically seen in the distance, through the trees, with multiple layers of outerwear and a beagle.

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Kwach said...

We get to have a beagle!!??

: )