Sunday, December 20, 2009


For the time being, until some better solution presents itself (like Blogger putting some controls on this crap, for instance) comment moderation has been turned on. It's just too hard to track down all the phishing and spam comments and remove them after they've posted. It sucks to have to do this, but we don't need Cialis, and I'm pretty sure the rest of you don't, either. If you do, you're reading the wrong blog. : )


Cedar said...

That's just nasty....the picture...not the turning off your comments...which I think may actually still be on :::waving:::Hi!

Cedar said...

Oh moderation, like people can comment, but you get to say yeah or nay...Fascist.

Kwach said...

But I'm a nice Fascist. Fascist-Lite, sort of. : )