Friday, July 31, 2009


In case you're the last person on earth who a) cares and b) hasn't already heard this in person, via e-mail, or read it on Facebook or one of the message boards we post on:

We signed the contract and transferred the down payment yesterday, met the Mayor and got our official handshake and welcome to town, and there you go ... we bought the house!

We get the keys on August 12th and then we've got five days to get our stuff moved, our ducks and turkeys redistributed to their various new homes, the empty lots cleared of grass and weeds to make room for Ev's shed and have a refrigerator delivered and installed.

Except for the self-inflicted anxiety and fretting and waiting for something to go wrong, this has been a practically painless transaction. Woooooo-hooooo!


Anonymous said...

That is seriously the kick-assedliest house anyone I ever sort of knew ever owned. I'd be black and blue from pinching myself if I were both of yoooze.

innkeeper said...

What a great house! I am so thrilled for you. However, I will miss all the "down on the farm" stories. My best to all the ducks, turkeys and... whatever... in their new homes.

Anonymous said...

So great. You must be so excited.