Saturday, January 31, 2009

No Visual Aids

I'm especially missing my camera this week, since we're just starting to recover from Winter Storm '09 (yes, they named it). We got a lot of ice, followed by more snow than we've gotten for the past three years. It started on Monday night, and by Wednesday night the combination of sleet, ice and snow was at least a foot thick. It was inconvenient for a few days, but absolutely gorgeous. Since I can't take any new pictures, I'll stick up a couple for last year. Just imagine about six inches more white stuff on top of the ice.

The dogs have been romping and eating snow, I made my first ever batch of snow ice cream (it's even better if you mix it with chocolate milk) and we had lots of days off work due to being unable to extricate our vehicles. Ev finally got her truck loose and was able to go to work yesterday, but my car wouldn't budge until late this afternoon. It took until yesterday for things to melt enough just to pry the six inch thick block of ice loose from my convertible top. That can't be good for it.

Now we're having a race to see whether our LP gas will hold out long enough for the gas man to be able to get his tanker up the driveway. We're hedging our bets by turning off the heater and keeping the fireplace going, thereby saving what gas we do have for cooking. I'm pretty sure we can at least make it through Super Bowl Sunday. Wish us luck!

The ducks don't know what to make of all this. They haven't ventured far from the dome and their little pen all week, but where would they go? There's so much snow you can't even see where the pond used to be. They do a lot of puffing themselves up, sitting in the snow and bitching loudly ... and their oviducts are on strike until Spring.

Cooper is enjoying her new home. She's eaten two bars of soap, two leather watchbands, a collection of assorted paper products (used Kleenex are her favorite) and some sticks. I'm not sure what her diet is lacking that she feels she's correcting with soap and fiber, but those seem to be the things she craves the most. She's also proven to be an incorrigible roamer. The snow has kept her in check a little, because it's damned cold out there when you have short hair, but once the sun came out she got that "I gotta be free!" gleam in her eye again.

I guess that's about all the home town news from Nowhere.

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Please update this. some of us don't have a life and need the entertainment.