Sunday, November 16, 2008

God! I Used to be Fun!

I worked with a phlebotomist today that I used to know when I worked here the last time. She's normally a morning shifter so I hardly ever bump into her, but today she's covering our shift. We used to pal around a lot, so when we were talking today and she was asking me if I remember this or that, I had to have The Talk about the head injury with her.

I said, "Marty, I have only the very vaguest recollection of working here. I remembered that I liked you, but I can't remember why. In between go-rounds with this hospital I got hit in the head and I have enormous swathes of memory missing, including the years I worked here."

Luckily, she wasn't offended. But she did proceed to regale me with an hour's worth of stories about what a wild child I was back then. Who knew that a person's face could get this red without having an actual stroke? I was a lot more fun then, and apparently I raised ho-baggery from an art to a science.

It's good to have a mission in life. Mine was apparently to sleep with every woman in Southern Illinois who showed even the slightest interest in a shallow, meaningless lesbian tryst. I wonder if any of that recruiting ever stuck? Maybe I flipped legions of women and don't know it. Or...maybe not. :-)

It's funny to have other people own more of my history that I own myself. Maybe she made it all up.


Jazz said...

Well, at least at one point you had a life...

Kwach said...

um, Jazz??


Chopped Liver


Cedar said...

Wow you could be walking past women on the street that you had torrid affairs with and not even remember them and they are looking at you like...well BITCH WTF and you have no clue WTF.

Oh, btw, we had an affair, you said I was the best you ever had. Just in case your forgt. It was back in my try and be a femme days. You were so gentle.


Ev said...

You're actually right, Cedar. There's a woman in ER who's excessively friendly, and I always thought she was just sort of rude and excessively friendly.

Well, that explains that. Who knew?