Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Can't We Just Vote, Already??

I have one thing to tell John McCain, and one thing to ask him:

1. You are not "my friend" so stop addressing me that way in that weird voice.

2. You constantly say, "My friends, I know how." If you know how to shore up the economy, provide healthcare to all Americans, catch Osama bin Laden, turn the country around, clean up Washington and develop althernative energy, then why the fuck haven't you done any of it? You've had 26 years in Washington already!

I'm officially burned out. Let's just vote, damnit.


Anonymous said...

McCain stumbled around the stage like Ozzy Osborn. I kept waiting for him to bite a bat and spew blood. He's just that kind of guy. Robin

xup said...

Excellent title. When the hell do you people finally vote, anyway? We're going on Tuesday and we just decided to have this election a few weeks ago.