Friday, May 30, 2008

More Project Fun

To those of you, friends and family, who have requested that I make a planter for you: No! I've moved on. We've got now projects in the works. Today is my day off, and we all know what that means...Yard Projects!

We ordered something called the Starplate Building System to make a more secure four season duck enclosure than the pen we're using now. The Starplate people send you a box of metal plates with predrilled holes that you bolt 2x4s to to frame out a five sided building. Depending on how you cover the walls, it can be a greenhouse, a storage shed, a duck enclosure or a cabin. Below is the cabin:

Obviously, we're not going to make it this fancy for the ducks, but we are going to make that basic size and shape. I will, of course, post pictures when it's done. In fact, if I can remember, I'll post pictures as I go.

In other news, Katie won a regional poetry writing contest at school, best out of all the high schools in Southern Illinois, for a poem she wrote about an egg salad sandwich. I'd like to say she gets her literary talents from me, but I suspect she gets them from her father's side of the family. I'm afraid she just gets her weirdness from me.

Anyway...we're proud of her!

I'm headed to town to buy all the necessary materials...lumber, bolts and beer. Wish me luck!


tajudin said...

oh what is this? very nice building.

nice planters too.

tq for sharing.

XUP said...

I'm sure she gets her sandwich making skills from you, though -- which inspire her literary skills. So there.