Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ice Storm '08 - 1/2

Here we go again.

They've been predicting another ice storm in our area for the next couple of days, so when I looked outside this morning I was relieved to see just a light sprinkling of tiny ice pellets on the grass. Whew!

I got dressed and headed out to work. No. The tiny sprinkling of ice pellets is on top of the 1/4" of clear ice that has been falling since 2 AM. The cars are once again encased, the roads are once again ice rinks and it's only just begun. It's supposed to get worse and keep doing this off and on through tomorrow night without ever getting above freezing.

We were smarter this time and brought in LOTS of wood and stacked it all over the living room. Well, it looked like a lot last night. It doesn't look like enough now. Before it gets any worse out there I'm going to bring in more so it can be thawing BEFORE we need it this time. We never did get the emergency non-electric coffee pot or the kerosene lamps or the firestarters because the stores are still sold out of all of those, but so far we still have electricity. That probably won't last, since the trees are already icing and the ones that were stressed and mostly broken last week will probably go down this time. If I worked for the utility company I'd be suicidal about now.

So that's the news from Nowhere, IL ... (sigh).



XUP said...

At least you're prepared this time -- lots of books & beer, right? It's been a wacky winter all over, I think. Hope ya'll thaw out soon.

Kwach said...

Thanks! I'm watching this one unfold, since it's happening during daylight this time. The sprinkling of ice pellets on the grass this morning has graduated to a blanket this afternoon now that the second storm front is coming through.


Ev said...

Oh, are in so much trouble!

You promised that we wouldn't have another ice storm for years. I trusted you! Now my trust and faith in humanity are shattered and I'll probably end up alone, a hermit in the woods. I'll be the Unabomber of the Midsouth, making devices to blow up tractors and combines and such, and striking fear in the hearts of farmers everywhere.

The FBI will put my picture up in the post office and I'll end up on the run, hiding my money in Swiss banks and living on the beach in Aruba!

And it's all your fault.

"Kids, thank your sister for ruining your winter."

"Thanks, Sis."

Suzanne said...

Oof. The entire midwest is just getting killed this year. I feel for ya.

Anonymous said...

Ev - like becoming a hermit in the woods is a different plan for you? I'd say stop blaming others for your already bent fork! Robin